Do you Have a CDL?
Would you like to get a CDL?

If so, Alaska needs CDL drivers . . . 

The Alaska Workforce Initiative is working to resettle Ukrainian refugees in Alaska. Our program offers participants the support they need to rebuild their lives, become employed in the career they have experience or education in, and we support you while you are integrating into life in Alaska. Ultimately helping you help us to bridge gaps in the Alaska workforce. We are an agency of Ukrainian Alaskans committed to facilitating a mutually beneficial integration process, providing a supportive environment for Ukrainian refugees.

If you are interested in coming to Alaska or If you’re already here and interested in finding a better job, starting a business, or learning new skills we can help. We Currently have Funding available for CDL School.

Alaska is waiting for you and your family . . . 

Some of the ways we can help either directly or through our partnerships includes.

Currently we are actively recruiting individuals with experience or education in the following trades. We also have available through our partners training in these fields, apprenticeships, and most cases we can provide for any funding that may be needed for training and education required to enter the fields.

In addition, we have positions available for service workers, non-skilled laborers and many more.

If you would like to find out how we can help you to come to Alaska or to upgrade your employment resettle please fill out this form and we will contact you, usually within a day.